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Our Strategy

Elite Parking Services leverages years of leadership experience in the parking services industry into superior parking solutions for healthcare facilities by:

  • Demonstrating compassion for patients and their visiting friends or family members

Creating an operationally sound parking division within the healthcare environment, with the goal of increasing exterior customer service at a reduced financial burden to the healthcare facility


  • Implementing policies and procedures that minimize the limitations of potential industry hazards:
    • Rising costs in the battle rising capital expenditures and facility operating margins (predicted by strategic forecast models)
    • Increased traffic, measured in patient census, visitors, and hospital guests
    • Inadequate number of parking spaces and difficulty parking in many parking venues

With a proven approach to comfort and an operational understanding of healthcare parking operations, Elite Parking demonstrates a cohesive parking logistics and a proven dedication to improving the facilities we service.


Airports looking for strategic approaches to parking turn to us, we develop airport parking operations that bring true meaning to the theory of partnership. Through extensively researched strategies, we are able to help airports develop parking models that not only leave higher revenue totals, but also the notion of providing quality customer service for the passengers traveling through their facilities.

Our airport P3 model encompasses a cohesive and transparent working relationship which allows the airport to be a protected client from the exposure of cyclical parking revenues that stem from an evolving and changing market.

Elite Parking Services understands the current market traits and looks to partner with airports across the globe.

Residential Buildings

Whether it’s a management company or Home Owners Association, Elite Parking Services ensures quality treatment to each and every customer. Residential parking issues are unlike any other; therefore our focus is to understand the areas of importance to our residential client’s, then determine various industries’ initiatives and use that knowledge to form a sound resolution. We are able help with various issues affecting residential facilities such as:

  • Enforcement
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Parking insufficiencies
  • And much more

Government and Municipal Services

Since our existence, Elite Parking Services has worked with various forms of government entities. As a result, our approach to parking operations for government services entails strategic enforcement practices that do not compromise the importance of courtesy and good customer service. With the use of technology, strategy, and experienced professionals, Elite Parking delivers and revives non-performing government assets and helps capitalize them into revenue generating operations all at no cost. Our partnership arrangement removes the financial and operational burden from the public entities which in turn, helps deliver more capital to their bottom line.

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