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Parking Management

As a property owner, you want to have complete assurance in the firm you hire to manage your facilities, provide your customers with exceptional levels of customer service, and maintain tight revenue control procedures. Elite Parking Services brings that to every operation we service. Our company’s core principles and beliefs are incorporated into each facet of service we provide.

We focus on the development of partnership arrangements that increase profitability, does not financially strain clients, boost employee morale, and meet the needs of the patrons traveling through the facilities daily.

Under our management you can assure your facilities will be:

  • Clean, Safe, and well -run
  • Generate maximum profits
  • Stay within budget compliance
  • Produce consistent reports
  • Posses well trained staff members
  • Have an oversight of all revenues that  will be audited, accounted, and deposited daily


Make no mistake – we can help. Contact us today to hear your options.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking operators are the first and last thing that a customer sees when entering and exiting your facility, so why not give them an ELITE class of service. Elite Parking Services develops valet operations that are tailored to the various clients we service. No one valet operation is the same, therefore we take the time to understand client’s needs, the service they are looking to provide, and the type of operation they are running.

We incorporate lean concepts into our parking operations, making our valet concept faster and more efficient.

Our attendants utilize skills learned in the customer service training we provide, in order to give every customer who parks with us a feeling of comfort while attending your venue.

Customer satisfaction and quality service are the cornerstones of our value system. A strong sense of ethics in business and customer interactions underscores our commitment to success.  We are regarded as number one for customer service due to our extensive focus on operational competencies. Elite views valet parking as more than parking cars; it’s an art which we enjoy performing for our customers and clients.

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Whether it’s one facility in your local area or hundreds of facilities nationwide, we can manage the entire maintenance and repair process. Elite Parking Services understands the priority of ensuring that parking facilities are clean and well maintained at all times. That’s why we take a direct approach to developing maintenance schedules that are in tune with the needs of the client, the customer, and the facility.

With the utilization of advanced technology, green initiatives, and preventative maintenance checks, Elite Parking Services ensures that our clients get the full return on their investments. Aesthetics are important to the overall operations and keep customers returning; therefore scheduled custodial maintenance is important to all parking facilities. Elite Parking Services understands that parking facilities are an asset; therefore we work with our client to ensure the facilities longevity, safety, and cleanliness which should be paramount in any maintenance operations.


Ground Transportation Services

Airport facilities and various businesses across the globe are experiencing an increase demand for efficient, cost effective shuttle operation. Elite Parking Services provides that, we are able to give business groups as well as airports Taxi Starter Service and Shuttle Operations that revolve on a consistent basis. Each facility and shuttle is monitored consistently to guarantee customers are getting the best possible level of service needed to ensure on-time departure or expedition to their next destination

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