A Message to Covid-19

A Message to Covid-19

Message to Our Community
about COVID-19

A Message to Our Community about COVID-19

Elite has always been committed to ensuring the utmost safety of our customers, clients, employees and team members. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect communities worldwide, we are closely monitoring the situation and staying updated on the latest data. We are prepared to deliver the same leading edge services to our clients, while taking all the necessary steps to keep our facilities and the people who use them safe.

With our concern for the health and safety of clients and their customers top of mind, we’ve developed and implemented a pandemic preparedness strategy. We’ve based this operational strategy on the most recent CDC and WHO recommendations. Further, as circumstances change and information is updated, we will adjust and communicate our planning accordingly.

Our COVID-19 safety strategy includes the following steps:

  • In addition to our already strict cleaning protocols, we’ve adopted augmented hygiene and sanitation guidelines, to ensure all of our facilities are clean and safe.
  • All Elite employees and team members have received clear directives about proper personal hygiene and adequate social distancing so that we are all doing our part to limit the spread of germs.
  • Elite’s employee communication system provides our team with immediate access to current virus-related information, including the need for any infected employee to remain home and isolated from the general population.
  • Elite’s operating strategy outlines a clear roadmap of the steps we would need to take to address our organization’s continuity and ongoing success even as the situation evolves or worsens.

As conditions continue to change at an unprecedented rate, we know there will be challenges ahead. With that in mind, our leadership team at Elite will continue to closely monitor the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 so we can remain prepared as an organization.

Elite is built on a foundation of innovation, teamwork and critical thinking. We are approaching the COVID-19 pandemic with that same system of organizational ethics. That’s why we’ve been able to continue offering the same level of service that we’ve always been proud of. As a company we are prepared to weather this crisis like we would any other — and we’re confident we’ll all be stronger for it in the end.

Dane Grey
President & CEO
Elite Parking Services of America