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Why We’re Truly Different

You’ve tried the rest, now it’s time to try the best. Elite provides a level of service that exceeds any other operator in its industry. Let us show you how!

Why Partnering With Elite is Different

Regardless of the size and scope of our client’s needs, the Elite team is committed to designing and implementing the very best customized parking and transportation solutions. We achieve this by deploying the Elite Service Experience and the Elite Operating System (EOS). These are two unique programs tailored around Elite’s proven service model of excellence. Just like your Apple device needs an iOS operating system and your Samsung needs an Android operating system to work, your parking and transportation management solutions also need the right system to function optimally. At Elite we’ve developed a proven operating system that is based on six key components for success. Interested in learning more? Click below to see how the Elite Service Experience and the Elite Operating System work together to provide our clients with a service they’ll never forget.

vision icon
At Elite we utilize EOS to work with our clients to understand, establish, and visualize what success in the future looks like together. Click below to find out how.
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Utilizing EOS our team always ensures we hire the right people in the right seats within each of our client’s operations. Click below to find out how.
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Maps provide guidance and a path to those reading, while transparency and accountability are the keys to a successful operation. Outlining the path to service excellence and making it visible for all to see & follow is how Elite utilizes EOS to deploy its facility maps to manage its operations. Click below to find out more.
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Data is what we use to make our decisions & how we prove our success. Odometers provide numeric data & the status of a vehicle. Ultimately, we know what gets measured gets done. Click below to see how we use EOS to collect and analyze the data that is essential to measuring your operational success.
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In a traffic jam there’s always an issue slowing things down & issues will arise on a consistent basis. With EOS, Elite solves its client issues consistently & measures its service by the outcome of the implemented resolution. Click below and learn how.
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With EOS, the Elite team establishes goals called parking spots with its clients. This ensures we always have something to work towards achieving. Click below to find out how these goals are established.

End-To-End Mobility Management Services

Elite is more than just a parking & transportation company. When you trust us with your business, our team will put in the time and effort to develop a thorough understanding of your objectives and come up with a solution that is practical, cost-effective and tailored to your unique transportation needs. We provide additional nontraditional services not usually offered in our industry. These optional professional consulting services include:

  • capex procurement program


    Whether it’s parking equipment or transit vehicles, Elite provides our clients access to capital you can use to finance CAPEX expenditures to upgrade your operations. See below for case studies on what we’ve done and how it helped our clients flourish.

  • facility buildouts and public private partnerships


    Facilities need upgrading, and Elite offers a P3 program to help our clients finance, develop, manage, and build their facilities. Click below to see some case studies of our program’s success.

  • Asset Monetization program


    Have a parking asset that’s a cost center and never generates any profits? Elite offers an Asset Monetization Program (AMP) made for you. Our AMP program helps clients turn underperforming operations into financially thriving services. Click below to see case studies on how we’ve successfully deployed this program.

  • facility aesthetic upgrade program


    Need an enhanced facility aesthetics program that will be pleasing to your customers, but also have purpose to your operations? Let Elite develop a program which will give you that and so much more. Click below to see what we’ve done for our clients in the past.

eTRAC – An Operations Management Approach Driven By Cutting-Edge Tech

Elite has developed an industry-defining technology called eTRAC. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile and web application, which gives Elite the capability to truly automate, oversee, and enhance the operational performance of your entire parking and transit service. It allows for us to keep a close eye on every aspect of your mobility infrastructure including facility maintenance, inventory, cash controls, and on-site personnel. Deploying eTrac our clients gain access to real time operating analytics. Additionally, our clients notice immense cost savings, reduced service liability, increased operational performance, and access to predictive analytics for use with a proactive management strategy.

What Can eTRAC Do For Your Operations

Our patented eTRAC technology offers unmatched flexibility and ease in driving your parking & transportation operation from a centralized location with just a few clicks! From real-time data and on-staff performance, to your location’s entry-exit patterns, all the way to visual access of your vehicles in transit, eTrac gives Elite insights that bring measurable improvement in staff productivity, operational efficiency, and overall profitability. Click below to find out more regarding eTrac and how it can enhance your operations.

What Can Elite’s In-House Technology Do For Your Operations?

More than just a parking and transportation management company, Elite offers a technology approach that can enhance your overall service. Click below to learn more about how Elite’s in-house technology transformed operations for our clients.

E-Command – True Automated Operational Oversight

Not just a call center, but rather a true command center with strategic oversight capabilities. Elite has developed a truly unique, first-of-its-kind command center which has complete capabilities of centralizing and autonomously overseeing and managing your operations. Click below to learn more about why our eCommand services are unique and more efficient than that of our competitors.

Corporate Customer Service Programs

With a focus on delivering process efficiencies and robust growth in end-to-end enterprise mobility management, we pride ourselves on our drive to exceed expectations. Therefore, we’ve developed and deployed unique customer service programs which we use in each of our client’s operations. Click below to explore our extensive range of customer service programs that benefit both you and your end customers.

Elite Corporate Customer Service Programs

Community Engagement Programs

Our mission is centered around enhancing every community we serve. Therefore, it is our entire team’s focus to give back and bring tangible change to the communities we operate in. Our team leads a wide array of community outreach initiatives optimized to serve various social sections and needs within the community. One example of this occurred during the pandemic; instead of laying off team members Elite’s thought leaders worked with a local nonprofit to devise a strategy that utilized excess staff to deliver thousands of groceries and plates of food daily to the elderly. Elite ensures that our community efforts invest time and resources in nonprofits and community engagements which are not only important to us, but also to our clients. Therefore, we take special consideration into learning our client’s organizational community service goals so we can align our efforts to provide a larger impact to their community. Our mission as a company is clear, through our people and technology, we will provide increased value to the communities we serve, thus we look to ensure no matter the market we’re being true to our mission at hand by putting the community first.

Elite Community Engagement Programs

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