eTRAC Technology Approach To Operations Management

etrac technology approach to operations management

eTRAC – Bringing True Automation & Technology Innovation to your Operations

Leverage Elite’s revolutionary cloud-based technology, eTrac, for a wealth of resources that will give you the ability to effortlessly save money and still increase your organization’s operating performance.

What Is eTRAC?

Elite Tracking Remote Accountability Coordination System (eTRAC) is Elite’s patented, one-of-a-kind, state of the art software interface that connects, communicates, manages, and truly automates at least 90% of an entire parking and/or transportation operations. Since integrating eTRAC into our service model, Elite has significantly enhanced its operating capabilities, providing our clients with service results our competitors are unable to produce or replicate. Utilizing eTRAC and The Elites Service Experience, our team has yielded significant improvement in employee productivity, mitigation of service errors brought on by team members, quicker response times to operational defects and customer service calls, proactive operations management, contract compliance, and automated management and oversight. ETRAC affords Elite the capability of truly providing an automated level of service that’s cost effective and customer friendly, mitigating the added expense and operating burden our competitors incur to provide the same level of service. Through eTRACs automation and enhanced software capabilities, as a client of Elite your service will experience some the following benefits:

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Reduced Operations Expense –
A Boost To The Bottom-line

Personnel and maintenance expense represent the greatest cost and risk associated with a parking or transit operation. Utilizing eTRAC Elite, possesses the service capabilities necessary to truly automate an operation while at the same time ensuring the implementation of a proactive maintenance program, therefore allowing for added reduction in operating cost but providing no adverse impact to client service levels or the customer experience.

Improved Productivity with Automated Employee

As your mobility ecosystem expands so will the team running it. With eTRAC, Elite is capable
of simplifying team management through automated employee oversight. GPS tracking lets us
pinpoint the precise locations of team members throughout the operations. We can generate
daily activity reports & monitor assigned tasks along with all team member progress. In
addition to bringing in accountability, it helps improve productivity by ensuring that work
hours are being spent on relevant responsibilities.

Improved productivity with automated employee management
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Enhanced Data Analytics
For Proactive Management

The speed of the modern parking and transportation management landscape requires you to pivot at a moment’s notice. With eTRAC, Elite’s service model possesses superior decision accuracy, readily accessible
operating information, and data analytics that will greatly enhance our ability to make quick
decisions, ultimately keeping us a step ahead of the curve and any operational risk that maybe on the horizon. As our client you’ll have 24-7 access to core data points regarding every component of your entire operation. Thus, ensuring collaboration and transparency to the level of service we provide.

End-to-End Automation – Elite Parking of America

eTRAC organizes each of our distinct service offerings onto a cohesive platform that is automated, scalable, and easy to run. It eliminates duplication of effort, massive paperwork, and employee compliance issues, by simplifying our procedures, thus shaving off time from menial tasks, and allowing our team the time needed to focus on the growth of your operations. You will see a measurable improvement in operational efficiency along with a reduction in associated service costs.

End to End Automation - Elite Parking of America
Customer Survey - Elite Parking of America

Boost Customer
Satisfaction With Survey Tracking

eTRAC gives Elite the ability to seamlessly gauge & track your customer’s experience with our service. Any Elite team members that engage with your customers are surveyed through eTRAC, providing analytics and reports that can be utilized to gauge the customers experience while utilizing our service. Customers using your facility can seamless and privately leave feedback from their mobile devices, which provides vital insights into how our teams are interacting with your customers allowing us the opportunity to assess and devise the necessary strategies for improving the service.

Operations Dashboard

eTRAC gives you access to detailed process and information dashboards for each of your mobility operations. These metrics give you an in-depth understanding of what’s happening and the flexibility to act quickly should you need to for any operating issue that may present itself.

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