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Team of Elite Parking Service

Our Purpose

To Forge Lifelong Bonds with Our Clients & Provide Enhanced Value to Both Our Shareholders & Our Communities by Employing an Innovative Team and Offering Technology-Driven Services

Our Story – How It All Began

Our story begins in the summer of 2006 in the college dorm room of our founder; where he started a valet parking company named Elite Valet Services. Over the past several years, we have evolved into a thriving transportation management ecosystem, delivering state-of-the-art mobility management services to organizations across the east coast of the United States. We now call ourselves Elite Parking Services of America, & Elite Transportation Services of America, to signify our transformation to a provider of 360-degree mobility, parking, and transportation management services. Armed with the industry best practices, innovative & cutting-edge technology, while still providing our clients the highest level of service excellence; our team of experts can ensure that we not only devise a comprehensive yet affordable mobility management strategy, but we’ll also eliminate operational productivity gaps while allowing you to increase service levels and potentially maximize revenue. From large-scale healthcare facilities, to airports, commercial real estate buildings, hotels, and even complexed municipalities, we are enabling enterprises across a diverse industrial spectrum to derive at larger business values from their parking and transportation assets – we’re supremely confident we can help your organization achieve the same. It is our belief that our decade plus years of client success and consistent year over year growth is because our entire Elite brand is focused around providing the HIGHEST level of service to our clients. Our story is never over, because we work to ensure you experience a level of service you will never forget its our purpose and reason for being in existence. We look forward to helping you thrive.

Our Core Values

Though Parking and Transportation Management is our core business, we are more than just that, we’re actually a team of individuals fascinated by innovation, thrilled at the opportunity to provide the highest level of service, and devoted to driving value for our clients. Every decision we take & behavior we display is driven by our core values Perseverance, Accountability, Revolutionize, Keep Growing – P.A.R.K. Not just words on paper, our core values have actual meaning to our entire company. They are how we ensure as a team we continuously and consistently deliver a brand of service that our clients will never forget. Your organization will be partnering with a team that doesn’t just rest on its achievements. We’re always endeavoring to optimize, improve, and sharpen your service that extra 1% needed to help you hit your growth & mobility milestones. By selecting Elite, you’ll get a team of individuals that display these guiding principles when providing you and your customers service:

  • P


    We thrive on overcoming challenges and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. We are flexible, adaptable, committed, and agile every day, and keep our sense of purpose top-of-mind even when presented with large-scale issues. Every challenge is an opportunity to inspire uniformity and collaboration.

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    All of the Elite team members hold themselves to the highest standards of honesty and transparency. Owning our behavior is one of the many things we do. Amongst all things we are empowered to exceed expectations, and to be responsive to the needs of our team and the clients we serve daily.

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    INNOVATION is our middle name; our tech-driven approach is proven and collaborative. We present ideas to improve all we do; our ideas are outside of the box and create value for all we service. We’re in it to disrupt and truly transform the current mobility and transportation landscape.

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    We are experts in what we do by leveraging a learner’s mindset. Through mentorship and a collaborative team approach, we find ways to grow together personally and professionally.

The Elite Service Experience How We Provide Our Service

To us mobility management is more than getting a contract and us taking over the service, changing managers on-site, and switching the logos on the employee uniforms, all with the hopes that these minor changes will fix your service issues. Rather it is more about delivering a PROVEN service experience that brings us closer to helping you achieve your actual purpose for your entire operation. Therefore, from the time we are engaged every client is given the Elite service experience: A white glove service model that encompasses team strategic planning, service continuity, client collaboration and engagement, continuous communication, as well as unlimited access and engagement by the entire Elite team.

To us success is accomplished through a collaborative team effort, as our job is to execute on your expectations and implement your vision. Learn more below about the Elite Service Experience, and how you can get an operator that cares and how will ensure consistent UNINTERRUPTED service continuity, continuous check-ins and communication from our entire team.

1 Diligence Meeting

Due Diligence Meeting

Prior to you signing any contract, our sales and operations team will meet with you to get a fundamental grasp of your service issues. Ultimately, providing you, free of charge, with proposed implementation solutions.


Operations Transition 2
When selected our team will ensure complete service continuity, thus guaranteeing no service interruptions or operating downtime during our transition. Thus, we will utilize this time to work with you on aligning our service model to your expectations.
3 Continuous client meetings

Continuous Client Meetings

We ensure that all of our clients have access to an on-site representative who’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regularly checking in to provide service-related updates, answer any questions, & handle any issues that you need addressed.

Corporate Client Review Meetings

Corporate client review meetings 4
On a consistent and continuous basis our corporate team along with our on-site management team will check in on a regular basis to ensure you’re receiving the overall service experience and satisfaction we initially guaranteed.
5 Annual service strategic planning

Annual Service Strategic Planning

Annually an Elite Executive, a corporate team member, & the on-site management team will get together to review prior years commitments and outlined course of action for the upcoming year.

Meet & Connect With Our Leadership

Join our team - Elite Parking of America

Join Our Team – Chart Your Way To A Thriving Career

At Elite, our purpose is to provide a service our clients will never forget. In order to do so, we need individuals like you. If you’re confined to a cubicle, working on lifeless spreadsheets, or feeling like you lack excitement, opportunity, and purpose at your current job, then let Elite fix that void by fulfilling your career dreams. Apply today and let’s change the world together as a team.

Delivering Unmatched Value – CONSISTENTLY

There’s nothing more important to us than delivering operational excellence and robust growth for every client we service. For the past decade plus, we’ve removed the optics from our clients and allowed our level of service to speak through numbers. By delivering true value and results that we standby we can help any client maximize their mobility infrastructure.

  • 24%

    Average INCREASE in customer/employee transit ridership after Elite inception

  • 96%

    Average attainment on quarterly client required operating goals

  • Less than 1 day

    Average Response time to customer complaints

  • 90%

    Average transit on time performance

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