Creating Exemplary Service Outcomes through Leading-Edge Tech  

Creating Exemplary Service Outcomes through Leading-Edge Tech  

Daniel DeMott By Daniel DeMott
Chief Technology Officer
January 17, 2023
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Elite’s Digital Management Platform the Client Experience

Elite Parking Services of America continues to operate at the forefront of new technology. Our digital management services increase our clients’ service outcomes while lowering operating costs. By combining the learning principles and data analytics of our innovative technology platform, eTrac, we deliver competitive pricing solutions that offer transparent and quantifiable service delivery. 

Our fully integrated parking and transportation technology allows us to constantly communicate with our clients and monitor all aspects of their operations through up-to-the-minute analytics. We use these data insights to develop and improve strategic operating plans for profitable outcomes. Data is the cornerstone that drives our services.

In the industry of parking and transportation logistics, data is priceless. Elite’s unique tech-driven model offers our clients a stellar product at tremendous savings because it leverages data analytics across every level of operations. The information gathered through eTrac creates real-time, panoramic information mapping and a snapshot of potential issues or opportunities. This valuable data allows our clients and the team at Elite to clearly examine how service outcomes can be improved and profits increased.   

Elite can modernize your entire mobility infrastructure and help you derive profitable outcomes from each of your parking and transportation assets – consistently and affordably. Most importantly, with a firm understanding of what new and emerging technology can offer our clients, we’ll help you connect your customers to a positive consumer experience they’ll remember.

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