Parking and Transportation Customer Service 

Parking and Transportation Customer Service 

Daniel DeMott By Daniel DeMott
Chief Technology Officer
July 4, 2022
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Providing an Experience Your Clients Will Never Forget

Is it perception or reality that defines a service experience? In many ways, our first and last interaction sets the basis for them. Often, those initial and final interactions involve an aspect of Mobility (parking and transportation) services that do significantly alter customer usage and service reviews.  

By connecting the customer experience and offering innovative mobility solutions, Elite is improving customer service experiences for parking and transportation in Jacksonville, Florida. Elite enhances the user experience by enabling real-time reviews of the service an Elite team member has performed, thus aligning the expectations with the experience for a positive and consistent service outcome. Streamlined digitization also gives our clients more control over their assets, increased transparency, and higher profits.  

Elite can provide a high level of service while limiting operating costs through the use of our Elite Operating Service model. We utilize the insights and standards that our Elite Operating System provides in concert with our eTrac technology to drive mobility service. Elite Parking Services of America provides a wide range of services from parking services, fleet management analytics, real-time GPS data for transportation services, up-to-the-minute customer service tracking, instant employee communications and so much more.  

Elite can modernize your entire mobility infrastructure and help you derive profitable outcomes from each of your parking and transportation assets consistently and affordably. Most importantly, with a firm understanding of what new and emerging technology can offer our clients, we’ll help you connect your customers to a positive consumer experience they’ll remember.  

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