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Elevating Your Service Experience Through a Proven Systematic Approach

The Elite Service Experience

From the moment we initially meet, it is our company’s purpose and our entire team’s sole mission to ensure we provide a service experience that you’ll never forget. Therefore, we work hard from day one to provide you with an experience that incorporates us communicating, developing operating plans, outlining solutions to problems, and following up on implemented strategies ensuring no stone is left unturned. The Elite Service Experience is a five-step proven process that the entire Elite team utilizes to ensure consistency, compliance, accountability, and an exceptional service experience that both you and your customer will never forget. Unlike our competitors we can walk you through what to expect when selecting our management services, because we have a proven operating system that truly works. Our service experience contains an operational playbook we call the Elite Operating System (EOS), an operating methodology that’s driven by 6 core components, rooted deep into the fabric of our service model, allowing for us to deploy our service methods through transparency, trust, compelling team leadership, and vision implementation. The goal is to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page and every component of your parking & transportation service is optimized to achieve peak performance and operational efficiency according to the customized business plan that you envision and we implement. Let’s take a closer look.

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Due Diligence Meeting

Prior to you signing any contract, our sales and operations team will meet with you to get a fundamental grasp of your service issues. Ultimately, providing you, free of charge, with proposed implementation solutions.

Operations Transition

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When selected our team will ensure complete service continuity, thus guaranteeing no service interruptions or operating downtime during our transition. Thus, we will utilize this time to work with you on aligning our service model to your expectations.

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Continuous Client Meetings

We ensure that all our clients have access to an on-site representative who’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regularly checking in to provide service-related updates, answer any questions, & handle any issues that you need addressed.

Continuous Client Review Meetings

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On a consistent and continuous basis our corporate team along with our on-site management team will check in on a regular basis to ensure you’re receiving the overall service experience and satisfaction we initially guaranteed.

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Annual Service Strategic Planning

Annually an Elite Executive, a corporate team member, & the on-site management team will get together to review prior years commitments and outlined course of action for the upcoming year.

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Vision Component

Utilizing EOS our team will help you develop a long-term vision for your operations, along with drafting a strategic roadmap on how to bring that vision to fruition. Moreover, after transitioning to Elite as your service provider, our team in conjunction with all individuals identified by you as key stakeholders, will work together and draft a strategic operating plan around your operating vision, which will encompass Key Performance Indicators necessary to ensure attainment of your operation’s short and long-term performance objectives.

People Component-
Ensuring we ALWAYS have the right people in the right seats.

Every service is only as strong as the people that run it and we intend to make sure that your parking and transportation service is run by the very best. Utilizing EOS we ensure from facility management, to shuttle drivers, our recruitment team will identify the best team members in parking and transportation management, ensuring that they are well-trained, passionate about bringing tangible change, and driven to achieve service excellence. All our people emulate our core values known as PARK (Perseverance, Accountability, Revolutionize, Keep Growing)

People Component - Elite Parking of America
Facility Map Component - Elite Parking of America

Facility Map Component-
Outlining the Path to Service Excellence and Making It Transparent for All Users

Removing ambiguity and creating clarity and transparency on how to provide our clients with a class A service experience is paramount for all Elite team members and goes along with how we do business. The Elite facility maps are the core element we utilize to accomplish just that and much more. Once selected as your operator, through the implementation of EOS our compliance team will build an intimate understanding of your parking and transportation services, and then develop a customized set of extensive yet simple operating procedures that map out how to effectively run the facility and its services continuously, in an Elite fashion. Having facility maps within your operations provides the operational guidelines that every team member needs to bring added clarity, increased productivity, and removal of ambiguity on what is expected when performing an Elite brand of service.

Odometers Component –
What Gets Measured Gets Done

Put simply, we at Elite use the term “odometers” to represent a set of key performance indicators that define and outline what success looks like. When managing our client’s operations our teams work closely with you to reach a consensus on core performance objectives unique to your organization and then develop operational benchmarks to gauge progress and quantify success. These odometers are then implemented & reviewed with you on a consistent basis to ensure we’re keeping the service on track. Along with fostering transparency, the odometers remove confusion and bring in absolute clarity on what needs to be done, how far we are from getting it done, and overall, how the service is performing.

Odometers Component - Elite Parking of America
Traffic Jams Component - Elite Parking of America

Traffic Jams Component –
Measure Your Service by How You Resolve your Issues.

This is where we handle key operational issues. The Elite approach is to dive deep and tackle each problem at its root. Our management and corporate teams meet consistently to take stock of each business unit and to identify any issues with the intent of solving them so they never resurface. The goal is to recognize, isolate and rectify problems before they mutate into a major operational roadblock impacting key elements of your service.

Parking Spots Component –
Having Goals are the Core to Achieving Success

Parking Spots are how we help you build and maintain operational momentum. When selected we take your vision and devise goals needed to successfully attain that vision. We then assign and empower our team members to attain these goals and operational excellence. Based on your service operating goals, each assignment delegated to our team members attaches to your overall service goals, thus ensuring everyone plays a part in the success of your service. Along with fostering a sense of achievement among team members, the constant pursuit of parking spots keeps the operations on track and moving in the right direction to attain the vision initially outlined by you for consistent growth.

Parking Spots Component - Elite Parking of America

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