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Elite Hospitality Management Services

Your hotel’s operations are immensely important and your guests expect the highest level of service from the time they arrive until the time they depart. Therefore, it is important that the operator of your parking and transportation services understands that as well. At Elite our team works hard to put the needs of our clients and their customers first, ensuring that there’s never a noticeable difference from the time they arrive at your hotel until the time they leave. The services we offer to our hotel clients are created to be partnerships at the highest level. As your operator you will receive a customizable service offering that can include an A-Z partnership of any of the following:

Elite Hotel Parking Services & Management

Hotel Parking Services & Management

Depending on your hotel’s daily traffic volume, we can offer customized solutions translating into smooth, simplified traffic flow and parking for your guests. Our cutting-edge tech integrations will result in seamless facility management while keeping operating costs down and guest satisfaction up.

Hotel Valet Services

Your guests can expect minimum wait times, secure payment, automated check-ins, and above all, a highly courteous staff that is willing to go the extra mile to make their experience flawless.

Elite Hotel Valet Services
Elite Facility Maintenance Service

Facility Maintenance

From fixing structural issues to bringing your hotel’s parking facility up to par with the local regulations; our all-encompassing maintenance service stack will keep your lot in pristine condition and ensure that it keeps running like clockwork.

Employee Management & Training

We have collaborated with top-end curriculum development agencies to establish a rigorous online training program for staff members. In addition to sharpening their operational and managerial skillset, it ensures each member is up-to-date with the latest mobility regulations and bylaws, thereby helping you stay clear of any unexpected regulatory mishaps.

Employee Management & Training Service

Additional Client Service Offerings

As a client of Elite, you’ll get access to all of the services listed above, but we also provide our clients with the following additional services in the event they’re ever in need, as your partner you’ll have access to a full suite of services at your fingertips. Call us today and find out more about all the services listed below:

Image of Elite capex procurment program


Elite can provide you access to capital at an affordable rate. Our team also possess the ability to procure, manage, and implement capital programs that connect to your services.

Image of Elite facility aesthetic upgrade program


Our facility aesthetics program updates every aspect of your operations look and feel so your customers feel a sense of safety, security, and service. 

Image of Elite asset monetization program


This program helps our clients analyze and implement monetization strategies for their operational assets. Converting them from cost centers to profit centers within their budgets.  

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