Elite Unveils Turnkey Digital Management Services 

Elite Unveils Turnkey Digital Management Services 

Elite Unveils Turnkey Digital Management Services 

Dane Grey By Dane Grey
President & Chief Executive Officer
May 11, 2022
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Innovative New Service Model Lowers Operating Costs  

The team at Elite Parking Services of America is pleased to announce our completely seamless digital service model. With this new deployment, Elite clients will have comprehensive access to all of our parking and transportation services in Jacksonville Florida right at their fingertips.  

With our turnkey digital management services, we’re able to increase our client’s service performance and lower operating costs. By combining the learning principles and data analytics of our Elite Operating System with our innovative technology platform, eTrac, we can deliver competitive pricing solutions that offer transparent and quantifiable service delivery. 

Moving forward, all of our service lines will be managed through this one, entirely mobile ecosystem. Deployed through both our on-the-ground teams and 24/7 command center, we have the technology to offer clients valuable real-time data analytics at their fingertips. 

With our leading-edge mobility services and streamlined tech, Elite can truly automate a parking facility from end to end and increase its profitability. Our fully integrated parking and transportation technology allows us to constantly communicate with our clients, and monitor all aspects of their operations through up-to-the-minute analytics. We use these data insights to develop strategic operating plans to improve service production across the board. 

The reason we’re able to provide such a high level of service without increasing operating costs is that we’ve simplified our business model. We utilize the insights and standards that our Elite Operating System provides in concert with our eTrac automation system to get things done faster with vastly fewer resources or upfront costs to our clients. Time is money, and this powerful combination of automated technology and industry insight gives Elite the advantage of reduced time wasted and increased overall service performance.  

Our team of thought leaders realizes that streamlined digitization gives clients more control of their assets, increased transparency, and higher profits. Most importantly our digital management services give us the ability to quantify how we as a service provider are delivering on our client’s expectations. As we continue to refine and grow in the face of evolving technology, it’s equally important that we center our progress around what the customer needs from our service model. 

In today’s competitive market, clients expect the most for their money at every level. Parking and transportation managers want the benefit of lower operating costs and high service expectations. With our mobile management platform, Elite can offer exactly that with confidence and skill.  

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