Transforming a Failing Client Service Approach for a Hotel Facility

Transforming a Failing Client Service Approach for a Hotel Facility

How Elite Created an Unforgettable Service Experience through Strong Mobility Management

The Problem

The main issue for this parking asset stemmed from its previous facility operator. After several broken commitments and an ongoing breakdown in communication between the client and the operator, the decision was made to change vendors. Elite’s team of thought leaders were ready to tackle the problems that were left behind, including declining service and customer satisfaction levels, unacceptably low customer service scoring, and continuously declining revenue levels.

Challenges Faced

Our team met with the client and evaluated the scope and seriousness of each roadblock they were facing. As their busy season approached, our client was hesitant to make any major change to the facility that would interfere with much-needed revenue generation. Further, the hotel was committed to accommodating several large scale events, and they needed to ensure the parking facility had ample staff and resources to deliver on these commitments. With all this in mind, the final challenge was a long-term buyout agreement that our client’s current operating budget couldn’t support.

The Elite Team Strategy

Our strategy introduced an innovative new approach for how our client managed its customer service operations. By utilizing our leading edge technology, the Elite Operating System (EOS), we provided our client with the tools to effectively transform their customer service experience and streamline their parking asset’s operations. The EOS engaged our client into the operating business plan, with a critical focus on providing a seamless transition program unnoticeable to their customers. Elite’s state-of-the-art system provided total transparency to our client, including key performance indicators that can easily be measured and tracked. This allowed our client to know what to expect and hold Elite accountable. Through this system, we also effectively lowered the asset’s overall operating costs by streamlining operations and running the facility more efficiently.

Illusion of elite operating system and fundamental tools

How the Solution Helped

The Elite Operating System streamlined the facility’s operations and transformed the client-operator relationship. Elite developed and executive a transparent and innovative business plan that kept the client updated at all times. We established a regular meeting cadence with our client, provided them with multiple points of contacts that were readily accessible, that our client always had a way to to immediately get in touch with someone at Elite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With these new tools, our client realized an increase in event bookings and they were able to book larger events with higher sales capacity because of the facility’s improved service and staff dependability. As a result, they quickly realized an increase in revenue, as well as significantly increased customer survey scores.

The Results

Once the EOS increased the customer satisfaction level of the parking facility customers to match the experience our client provided its guests at the hotel, they realized a 22% increase in revenue. The facility gained a 13% increase in profitability and the asset’s average customer service scores jumped to 97%, effectively changing this facility from a failing asset to revenue generator.

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