Utilizing Elite Technology to Optimize Operating Performance

Utilizing Elite Technology to Optimize Operating Performance

How Elite’s Leading Edge Technology Streamlined and Updated Operations

The Problem

Our client was faced with a familiar issue in parking and transportation management industry. Their facility was aging and the asset was generating less revenue and had seen a decline in activity. Additionally, they noticed massive increases in operating costs from their service provider, with limited justification on how those resources were being utilized or helping their overall operating performance.

Challenges Faced

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The primary issue for the facility was its antiquated technology and operating service approach. The operating systems being utilized were outdated, couldn’t pass audit standards, their was no marketing strategy in place to regain revenue, and the operator couldn’t provide any useful performance analytics on how the service was being delivered. Due to their technological issues they we’re heavily over staffed but didn’t have the information needed to make the necessary staffing adjustments needed. Thus, they endured massive and continuous increases in operating cost year over year. The revenue losses along with the continuous increase in expenses posed a long term threat to the client and their ability to continuously deliver service.

The Elite Team Strategy

Once commissioned by the client our team used our operating system and innovative in house company technology to overhaul their entire operation. Utilizing our Elite Operating System, we assessed the daily operations and created a transparent and effective business plan documenting and outlining the clients vision and connecting it with key performance indicators that aligned with the operational change our client wanted to see. Then, we implemented Elite’s state-of-the-art technology known as eTrac, to monitor, control, and manage the overall operations. Our strategy & technology automated their entire parking operations and added improved service controls to ensure a streamlined process were in place and being adhered to by all team members. E-Tracs leading edge technology not only created full automation for our client, but it also quantified work requirements for all the team members on site and enhanced their overall productivity. Thus allowing us the ability to be able to locate operational inefficiencies, reduce wasted cost, and develop a proactive management approach to the overall service delivery.

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How the Solution Helped

With Elite’s leading edge technology in place, the operating strategy of the asset was fully automated, processes were streamlined, and cost were put back into control. Thus, resulting in our client’s expenditures consistently decreasing, revenue being to increase, as well as a noticeable significant increase in employee efficiency, service delivery, and parker satisfaction.

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The Results

The Elite strategy netted an overall 35% reduction in the facility’s annual operating costs, while simultaneously the marketing plan & added operating controls generated the client a 78% increase in overall operational revenue. With an automated operating system and increased customer service metrics in place, our client also saw a 167% increase in employee performance, with a 94.8% customer satisfaction rating. Our client was able to provide the service experience it desired with ease while lowering their cost in the process.

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