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Smart Cities: Connecting People to Service through Innovation

Smart Cities: Connecting People to Service through Innovation

Daniel DeMott By Daniel DeMott
Chief Technology Officer
March 7, 2022
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Learn how the evolution of smart cities and mobile solutions is enhancing the way parking management companies, transportation management operators and other industry experts deliver connectivity as a service through real-time data and analytics. 

What is a Smart City? 

In general, the phrase “smart city” is an umbrella term for a municipality’s use of mobile technology and real-time data management to gain a better understanding of what is happening throughout the city. The smart city framework integrates information from many sources, including citizens, mobile devices, and city-owned assets, to develop a dynamic roadmap for how to manage the collective community, delegate resources, and solve common infrastructure problems.  

From traffic management and waste collection to crime prevention and detection networks, local governments and municipalities are integrating smart technology into the way cities services are managed at an increasing level. Data collected from various sources is used to shape the way a city operates on a daily basis, as well as how its leaders and administrators plan for the future.  

Research indicates that smart city planning can improve community life in many ways, and the concept applies to towns and municipalities of any size. With proper use and innovation, connected cities can save the community time and money, boost the local economy and encourage community connection and business partnerships. They can also offer residents and visitors alike improved health, augmented public safety, more robust environmental assets, and more efficient infrastructure systems, such as public transportation and growth management.  

Ultimately, the concept of smart cities isn’t simply about technology and data analytics. At their core, smart cities are about people. The collection, study, and exchange of information allows communities to better serve their residents, visitors, and stakeholders. 

In this same way, smart city technology can lend valuable insight into how mobility management operators, transportation managers, and parking management providers can deliver the best service to their client base, while boosting their revenue and optimizing assets. 

Mobility Solutions and Customer Connectivity  

The consumer experience is in many ways defined by the first and last interaction that takes place. When consumers are attending a special event or visiting a family member at the hospital, if they are frustrated by parking unavailability or a late shuttle, those moments can significantly impact customer service reviews and the rate of return users.  

Technology is transforming the way customers receive services in countless ways, including the ability to offer mobility as a service. To keep up with an ever-changing world, adaptability is key and connectivity is everything. By aligning with smart city technology, mobility management operators can improve a vast number of services, including digitized parking services, fleet management analytics, real-time GPS data for transportation services, up-to-the-minute customer service tracking, instant employee communications and so much more.  

Perhaps more importantly, connecting the consumer experience and offering innovative mobility solutions is especially vital as it relates to improving customer service outcomes. Client connectivity simplifies the activity for the end-user and allows parking managers, transportation management companies, and mobility operators to provide a service their clients will never forget.  

How can Elite help you Navigate Smart City Technology   

Now more than ever, staying abreast of the most state-of-the-art technology is a critical piece providing stellar service. Smart cities and client connectivity are transforming how mobility management operators deliver services. At first, glance, mastering smart city technology could seem overwhelming. With the help of Elite’s team of leading industry professionals, however, this same technology can be leveraged to provide invaluable information that will improve business operations and provide exceptional customer service at every level.    

Elite Parking Services of America specializes in providing parking and transportation management solutions to five core markets: hospitals, airports, government agencies and municipalities, hotels, and commercial real estate. We have a range of innovation solutions that can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs. 

One example is our patented eTRAC technology, which gives the ability to monitor and quantify each aspect of a parking management system or mobility management operation from a centralized platform with just a few clicks. From real-time staff performance data to your location’s entry/exit patterns, eTRAC offers insights to bring measurable improvement in staff productivity, operational efficiency, and overall profitability. Additionally, our Elite Service Experience is a five-step proven process that ensures consistency, compliance, accountability, and open communication. When all of these components are in place, it ensures that the first and last interactions your customers have will be positive, allowing for a consumer experience that is second to none.  

Elite can streamline your entire mobility infrastructure and help you derive profitable outcomes from each of your transportation assets consistently and affordably. Most importantly, with a firm understanding of what new and emerging technology can offer our clients, we’ll help you connect your customers to a positive consumer experience they’ll remember. At Elite, we’ve built our foundation on innovation in parking, and on continuing to evolve as technology evolves with us.  

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