The Truth About Outsourcing Your Hospital Parking Operation

The Truth About Outsourcing Your Hospital Parking Operation  

The Truth About Outsourcing Your Hospital Parking Operation  

Dane Grey By Dane Grey
President & Chief Executive Officer
March 24, 2022
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“How can my healthcare facilities benefit from partnering with a mobility-parking management company?” 

 It’s a question that many hospital administrators and healthcare service managers are often faced with; and as access to new and innovative technology grows, it’s a question that is more relevant by the day. While there are plenty of misconceptions about parking privatization and outsourcing, the truth is, it can be a key differentiator that decreases operating costs, monetizes existing assets, and improves the experience for your patients and visitors.  


Parking Managers Let You to Focus on Your Organizational Operations  

Every aspect of your healthcare operation is an important piece of its overall success, and how your parking is supervised is but one of countless ongoing responsibilities. Managing effective parking services is a many-layered and often complicated process. Outsourcing your healthcare parking services will free time for your key leaders to focus on core organizational matters. 

Partnering with a parking management company can add tremendous value to your bottom line and improve the overall hospital experience for your patients and visitors. If a family member is visiting a loved one, the last thing they need is parking frustration. Effective parking managers provide a seamless experience for the user, thus increasing your customer service ratings, all while taking the work and worry out of your hands.   

One of the many benefits of employing turnkey parking services is the relinquishing of operational risk management. Running a parking facility of any size comes with several levels of risk. If that risk is not managed adequately, it can significantly impact your operating costs. Outsourcing your parking operation reduces risks, keeping you and your stakeholders safe to the highest degree. 

The right professional parking manager also offers innovative planning and consulting services to optimize the consumer experience for your patients, visitors, and employees. A well-run parking facility requires high-quality staff, robust employee training, and extensive and ongoing customer service tracking with real-time service data.   

Parking Operators Can Help You Cut Costs & Increase Revenue  

Increasing customer satisfaction is one of many ways a parking manager can improve healthcare facilities’ operations and increase revenue. Another advantage to outsourcing the management of your parking asset is the opportunity for revenue optimization.  

Seasoned parking management companies have the experience to analyze your operating budget for gaps in revenue generation, including ways to monetize unused or underused property. Increasing patient parking access, optimizing the ease of entry and exit, improving safety and security, and providing connectivity as a service are all ways your parking facility can add value to your overall hospital operations with the help of a parking management company.  

Further, patients and visitors can’t use your facility if they don’t know enough about it. Results-driven facility marketing is another benefit of outsourcing your parking operations. From building awareness on social media to helping hospital visitors understand the best way to use your parking facility, parking management experts can help you engage the public in a way that brings in new parkers while keeping you on budget. 

Professional Parking Management Companies Streamline Services 

Innovation in parking changes constantly with the continued evolution of a connected Patient-Visitor-Employee, and the best parking management operators are experts in industry tech. With the rise of mobile apps and devices, your average parker wants a simple way to seamlessly find and pay for parking. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new parking facility on your healthcare campus, aiming to introduce hospital shuttle services, or upgrade an existing parking asset, innovative parking managers have the skillset to help you maintain the most modern standards.

Parking management firms also have the ability to collect large amounts of data about your parking operation and analyze that data for important trends and opportunities for growth. By compiling and distilling this information, you’ll have vital information to help you improve your service delivery and ensure you’re getting the most out of your parking asset. 

How Elite Parking Services of America Can Serve You 

Elite Parking Services of America is a full-scale mobility management firm that provides turnkey parking services and an array of customizable services that can be tailored to your specific parking operation. Our team of thought leaders and industry innovators know exactly what it takes to optimize a parking operation on every level. From risk management and asset monetization to customer service metrics, employee recruiting and training, and tech innovation, Elite has the solutions your organization needs.

Elite is an industry leader in implementing customized parking solutions that bring a measurable boost to parking revenues. We can not only streamline your entire mobility infrastructure but also help you derive profitable outcomes across the board. Operating a healthcare facility is complicated enough; allowing experts to manage your transportation and parking infrastructure is an excellent way to increase revenue while managing risk. Whether you need to mitigate preexisting parking issues or are facing budget concerns, Elite’s team of innovators will develop a purpose-driven plan that will yield the desired results for your healthcare facility.  

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