Leveraging Groundbreaking Tech to Cultivate an Exemplary Consumer Experience  

Elite’s Digital Management Platform is Transforming Parking and Transportation  

Technology is constantly changing the way service providers of every shape and size deliver their products. At Elite, we are committed to exploring and developing the most leading-edge technology, which allows our company to provide a wide range of services within many business sectors, including digitized parking services, fleet management analytics, real-time GPS data for transportation services, up-to-the-minute customer service tracking, instant employee communications, municipal parking management and much more.  

Elite Parking Services of America now offers a completely seamless digital service model, which offers our clients comprehensive access to all of our parking and transportation services from anywhere, at any time.   

Our digital management solutions increase our clients’ service outcomes while lowering operating costs. By combining the learning principles and data analytics of our Elite Operating System with our innovative technology platform, eTrac, we deliver competitive pricing structures and inventive solutions that offer transparent and quantifiable service delivery.  

With our leading-edge mobility services and streamlined tech, Elite can truly automate a parking facility from end to end. Our fully integrated parking and transportation platform allows us to constantly communicate with our clients, and monitor all aspects of their operations through up-to-the-minute analytics. We use these data insights to develop strategic operating plans to improve service production and profitability across the board.    

Our streamlined digitization platform gives clients more control of their assets, as well as increased transparency and higher profits. Most importantly, our digital management services give us the ability to quantify how we as a service provider are delivering on our client’s expectations. We use these data insights to develop strategic operating plans to improve service production across the board. As we continue to evolve along with today’s growing technology, it is equally important that we center our progress around what the customer needs from our service model.    

Elite can modernize your entire mobility infrastructure and help you derive consistent profitable outcomes from each of your parking and transportation assets. Most importantly, with a firm understanding of what new and emerging technology can offer our clients, we’ll help you connect your customers to a positive consumer experience they’ll remember. At Elite, we’ve built our foundation on innovation in parking, and on continuing to evolve as technology evolves with us. 

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