Delivering a Stellar Consumer Experience Through Technology  

Elite’s Digital Management Services Elevate Customer Service Outcomes 

Elite Parking Services of America now offers a completely seamless digital service model. With this recent deployment, Elite clients have comprehensive access to all of our parking and transportation services from anywhere at any time.  

Our digital management services increase our clients’ service outcomes while lowering operating costs. By combining the learning principles and data analytics of our Elite Operating System with our innovative technology platform, eTrac, we deliver competitive pricing solutions that offer transparent and quantifiable service delivery. 

With our leading-edge mobility services and streamlined tech, Elite can truly automate a parking facility from end to end and increase its profitability. Our fully integrated parking and transportation technology allows us to constantly communicate with our clients, and monitor all aspects of their operations through up-to-the-minute analytics. We use these data insights to develop strategic operating plans to improve service production across the board. 

Technology is transforming the way customers receive everyday services, including the ability to offer mobility as a service. By aligning with leading-edge technology, Elite Parking Services of America provides a wide range of services to the Jacksonville, Florida market, including digitized parking services, fleet management analytics, real-time GPS data for transportation services, and up-to-the-minute customer service tracking, instant employee communications and so much more.   

By connecting the consumer experience and offering innovative mobility solutions, Elite is improving customer service outcomes for parking and transportation services in Jacksonville. Client connectivity simplifies the activity for the end-user and allows parking managers, transportation management companies, and mobility operators to provide a service their clients will never forget.   

Streamlined digitization gives clients more control of their assets, as well as increased transparency and higher profits. Most importantly, our digital management services give us the ability to quantify how we as a service provider are delivering on our client’s expectations. As we continue to evolve along with today’s growing technology, it is equally important that we center our progress around what the customer needs from our service model. 

Elite’s fully integrated parking and transportation technology allows us to constantly communicate with our clients, and monitor all aspects of their operations through up-to-the-minute analytics. We use these data insights to develop strategic operating plans to improve service production across the board. 

Elite can modernize your entire mobility infrastructure and help you derive profitable outcomes from each of your parking and transportation assets consistently and affordably. Most importantly, with a firm understanding of what new and emerging technology can offer our clients, we’ll help you connect your customers to a positive consumer experience they’ll remember. At Elite, we’ve built our foundation on innovation in parking, and on continuing to evolve as technology evolves with us. 

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Hospital Parking Management: Ensuring Your Garage is Safe for Everyone

In most hospital settings, the first thing visitors and stakeholders experience upon arrival is your facility’s parking and transportation offerings. An influential factor to a successful hospital parking operation is safety, for parkers and employees alike. 

There are some simple and effective steps you can take to ensure that your hospital parking services are safe and secure for everyone that uses your facility. 

Facility Maintenance   

Appearance is key, and that same principle applies to hospital garage safety. Your parking facility should be evaluated for safety and security measures regularly. Something as simple as an uneven curb or poorly lit stairwell can result in an injury. Major structural deficiencies are common in older facilities, and if gone undetected, can pose a serious risk to public health. 

From fixing architectural issues to overseeing snow removal, to bringing your parking garage up to the local health and safety standards; our all-encompassing facility maintenance program will keep your asset in pristine condition and running like clockwork.  

Lighting and Layout 

Often, crimes that take place in parking garages are crimes of opportunity. By properly managing seemingly small fixes such as overgrown landscaping and burned-out lightbulbs, you can prevent a large percentage of those occurrences. Further, without sufficient lighting, security cameras are less effective.  

Experts recommend that your parking facility should be illuminated in every area of the garage from at least two lighting locations. The height, color, lumen level, and shape of a facility’s lighting choices all play a part in how light is distributed. 1

Elite Parking Services of America can help you get the most out of your lighting and layout. We’ll examine your campus for potential hospital garage safety improvements, and analyze your current lighting for both security measures and energy efficiency.    

Employee Training 

Visitors, patients, and hospital staff aren’t the only people whose safety needs to be considered. Hospital garage safety also means keeping your lot attendants and other facility employees safe. Adequate and ongoing training gives parking garage employees important tools for personal safety. For instance, team members should never approach a potential criminal or otherwise put themselves in harm’s way. Elite provides a vetted, comprehensive safety training program that ensures every staff member understands safety protocols. 

Managing a hospital is complicated enough, and overseeing hospital garage safety is critical to your overall infrastructure. Our team of industry professionals at Elite can take that responsibility off your plate. We specialize in providing parking and transportation management solutions to healthcare campuses of every size and offer a wide range of innovative safety solutions that can be tailored to suit your facility’s specific needs. With our proven, industry-leading strategic planning and safety protocol services at the ready, your hospital’s parking operations in Jacksonville will flourish.

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