Hospital Parking Management: Ensuring Your Garage is Safe for Everyone

In most hospital settings, the first thing visitors and stakeholders experience upon arrival is your facility’s parking and transportation offerings. An influential factor to a successful hospital parking operation is safety, for parkers and employees alike. 

There are some simple and effective steps you can take to ensure that your hospital parking services are safe and secure for everyone that uses your facility. 

Facility Maintenance   

Appearance is key, and that same principle applies to hospital garage safety. Your parking facility should be evaluated for safety and security measures regularly. Something as simple as an uneven curb or poorly lit stairwell can result in an injury. Major structural deficiencies are common in older facilities, and if gone undetected, can pose a serious risk to public health. 

From fixing architectural issues to overseeing snow removal, to bringing your parking garage up to the local health and safety standards; our all-encompassing facility maintenance program will keep your asset in pristine condition and running like clockwork.  

Lighting and Layout 

Often, crimes that take place in parking garages are crimes of opportunity. By properly managing seemingly small fixes such as overgrown landscaping and burned-out lightbulbs, you can prevent a large percentage of those occurrences. Further, without sufficient lighting, security cameras are less effective.  

Experts recommend that your parking facility should be illuminated in every area of the garage from at least two lighting locations. The height, color, lumen level, and shape of a facility’s lighting choices all play a part in how light is distributed. 1

Elite Parking Services of America can help you get the most out of your lighting and layout. We’ll examine your campus for potential hospital garage safety improvements, and analyze your current lighting for both security measures and energy efficiency.    

Employee Training 

Visitors, patients, and hospital staff aren’t the only people whose safety needs to be considered. Hospital garage safety also means keeping your lot attendants and other facility employees safe. Adequate and ongoing training gives parking garage employees important tools for personal safety. For instance, team members should never approach a potential criminal or otherwise put themselves in harm’s way. Elite provides a vetted, comprehensive safety training program that ensures every staff member understands safety protocols. 

Managing a hospital is complicated enough, and overseeing hospital garage safety is critical to your overall infrastructure. Our team of industry professionals at Elite can take that responsibility off your plate. We specialize in providing parking and transportation management solutions to healthcare campuses of every size and offer a wide range of innovative safety solutions that can be tailored to suit your facility’s specific needs. With our proven, industry-leading strategic planning and safety protocol services at the ready, your hospital’s parking operations will flourish.

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Elite Unveils Turnkey Digital Management Services 

Innovative New Service Model Lowers Operating Costs  

The team at Elite Parking Services of America is pleased to announce our completely seamless digital service model. With this new deployment, Elite clients will have comprehensive access to all of our parking and transportation services right at their fingertips.  

With our turnkey digital management services, we’re able to increase our client’s service performance and lower operating costs. By combining the learning principles and data analytics of our Elite Operating System with our innovative technology platform, eTrac, we can deliver competitive pricing solutions that offer transparent and quantifiable service delivery. 

Moving forward, all of our service lines will be managed through this one, entirely mobile ecosystem. Deployed through both our on-the-ground teams and 24/7 command center, we have the technology to offer clients valuable real-time data analytics at their fingertips. 

With our leading-edge mobility services and streamlined tech, Elite can truly automate a parking facility from end to end and increase its profitability. Our fully integrated parking and transportation technology allows us to constantly communicate with our clients, and monitor all aspects of their operations through up-to-the-minute analytics. We use these data insights to develop strategic operating plans to improve service production across the board. 

The reason we’re able to provide such a high level of service without increasing operating costs is that we’ve simplified our business model. We utilize the insights and standards that our Elite Operating System provides in concert with our eTrac automation system to get things done faster with vastly fewer resources or upfront costs to our clients. Time is money, and this powerful combination of automated technology and industry insight gives Elite the advantage of reduced time wasted and increased overall service performance.  

Our team of thought leaders realizes that streamlined digitization gives clients more control of their assets, increased transparency, and higher profits. Most importantly our digital management services give us the ability to quantify how we as a service provider are delivering on our client’s expectations. As we continue to refine and grow in the face of evolving technology, it’s equally important that we center our progress around what the customer needs from our service model. 

In today’s competitive market, clients expect the most for their money at every level. Parking and transportation managers want the benefit of lower operating costs and high service expectations. With our mobile management platform, Elite can offer exactly that with confidence and skill.  

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Refining Airport Parking & Transportation Management  

Why Connecting the Traveler Experience Improves Service!  

Technology is positively transforming the way airport facilities and travelers interact. It’s commonplace to check in online, use a phone as a ticket, and track baggage virtually. These same innovations can be used to offer mobility as a service, something savvy travelers have come to expect. 

The Traveler’s experience is greatly influenced by the first and last interaction that takes place. In many cases, those interactions include airport parking and transportation services. If a traveler is met with insufficient parking or a late shuttle, those frustrating moments will stick with them. So, even if the security line is moving quickly and flights are running on time with friendly personnel, the consumer experience has already been tainted. 

Elite Parking Services digitizes the transportation experience to increase customer connectivity, allowing for innovation in service from the first mobility interaction to the last. By analyzing real-time data, Elite makes it easier to locate open parking spots, track airport shuttles via GPS, and instantaneously share consumer experiences. Smart tech and Elite Parking Services allow airports to use analytics to solve pressing issues while also developing strategic goals to serve your market’s future needs. 

Elite provides airport transportation and technology services to facilities of all sizes and market needs. We specialize in connectivity as a service, and our team will help you design a mobility plan tailored to your airport’s traffic volume, growth projections, and business objectives while enhancing the traveler experience. 

At Elite, we offer virtual turnkey management that provides an all-inclusive, customized slate of personalized services. The demand for client connectivity is transforming how airport mobility management operators deliver services. Our team of experts will evaluate your airport’s entire parking and transportation plan and connect each piece to a digital framework that leverages data analytics and consumer connectivity for exemplary service delivery.  

Elite’s airport mobility management services include parking facility maintenance, valet parking operations, ground transportation, curbside management, traveler assistance programs, and employee management. From the moment an air travel customer enters your facility, our Elite Operating System will manage all of these services seamlessly, creating a virtual, connected, and efficient customer experience.  

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Streamlining Municipal Mobility: Why Modernizing City Parking is Key 

Anyone who has spent time in more than a few city centers can attest that there are any number of ways for a local government to manage its parking and transportation services. And, how those services are provided to visitors and residents alike can make an enormous impact on a downtown’s reputation.  

From the day-to-day management of on-street and garage parking to the ease of access to retail, arts, and entertainment districts, to the availability of public transportation and local shuttle services, how city administrators handle municipal mobility can easily highlight an area’s strengths or underscore its weaknesses.  

Leaders and stakeholders in smart cities understand that there is much more that goes into a well-run urban core than just ample parking. For example, efficient and safe shuttle services and downtown circulators help move people from place to place while reducing stress on local roadways.  

Further, with the right parking management operator and smart technology, municipalities can easily transform underperforming parking assets into sustainable revenue streams. Tech-based on-street parking management is a seamless and profitable tool for managing citation processing and parking enforcement virtually, reducing both personnel costs and the general operating bottom line for the mobility sector.  

All of these tools can monetize parking assets for city stakeholders while improving the consumer experience for residents and visitors. There are also some less tangible, and equally important, reasons that choosing the right framework for municipal parking and transportation can change the face of a city. 

Local Commerce: Accessibility Attracts Visitors and New Stakeholders  

Visitors to city centers, whether they are locals, tourists, business leaders, or economic stakeholders, expect connectivity and accessibility. Regardless of the reason, someone is trying to park in your city, being able to find transportation or parking in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner will drive the number of return visitors. Successful municipalities strategically plan land use for parking and offer a range of solutions, including robust public transportation and centralized shuttle services that bring people to services they want.

Public Safety & Quality of Life  

It’s not simply clickbait that one can find countless listings for the worst cities to park in, or the worst cities to drive in people look for this information because it affects their day-to-day life in countless ways. Traffic congestion is both a frustration and a risk to public safety.  

Streamlined parking and transportation services, especially in downtown and city centers, take the focus off parking and shine a light on the amenities an area has to offer its visitors, residents, business partners, and community stakeholders. 


Cities and towns that provide streamlined mobility management also benefit from decreased energy use. Downtown circulators and intracity shuttles reduce the number of cars on the road. Effective parking management also reduces the number of cars circling an area looking for a parking spot. Even one less car on the road reduces a city’s carbon footprint. 

The Natural Resources Defence Council Estimates there are between 3.5 and 8 parking spots for every car in the United States. And while this is a statistic that doesn’t apply evenly across all geographic locations, the lesson is that parking can be streamlined and consolidated for the benefit of everyone. Parking management professionals provide operational consulting and strategic planning to make the best use of city-owned land, one of a community’s most precious resources.  

All of these sustainability measures can be achieved with skilled operational consulting and strategic planning. Elite Parking Services of America has a team of industry experts and sustainability thought leaders for government agencies of every scope. With tools such as our state-of-the-art Elite Operating System, we will develop a comprehensive parking and transportation plan to exceed all of your city’s modern mobility needs. 

How Elite Can Help Maximize Your City’s Parking Operations 

As cities and technology continue to evolve, access and connectivity is becoming more expected at every level of municipal operations. Remaining informed about the most state-of-the-art technology is a critical piece in providing stellar city services. With the help of Elite’s team of leading industry professionals, modern smart tech can be leveraged to provide invaluable information that will improve city transportation operations at every level.  

Elite Parking Services of America understands the sensitive nature of political environments and the necessity for providing consistent and superior constituent services. Elite specializes in every aspect of municipal parking operations and can provide you with a full-service parking management program

Elite Parking Services of America offers modernized turkey municipal mobility services. From enforcing city ordinances to developing sustainability strategies and operational management, we create true partnerships with its municipal clients and provide customizable services that serve all their parking and transportation needs.  

We specialize in providing parking and transportation management solutions to municipalities of every size and shape, with an exceptional range of innovative solutions that can be tailored to suit your government’s specific needs. With our proven, industry-leading parking management services supporting your city’s mobility logistics, your city center will thrive.  

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